In these busy times, it is easy to get caught up in the routines and not remember the details.  Medical information for an older person can be critical at certain times when it is least convenient to locate it.  It is relatively easy to be prepared.  When an urgency arises it will alleviate confusion and stress.

Here is a checklist that you can use to make sure you have as much information as possible.  You may want to print this out – and maybe pass it on to others for whom you think it will be helpful.

Medical Information for ____________________

Emergency Contacts

☑ Names and phone numbers of

– Family

– Medical professionals

Key personal facts

☑ Date of birth
☑ Social Security numbers
☑ Medicare numbers
☑ Supplemental insurance information

Medical information

☑ Primary care physician: name, phone number and address
☑ Specialists: name, phone number and address
☑ Medications: name, dosage, when taken
☑ Non-prescription: name, dosage, when taken
☑ Medical history: past illnesses, surgeries and allergies
☑ Family history: illnesses, causes of death for mother, father, siblings

Key Documents

Obtain copies of the following documents  and keep them in a place where they are easily available to family members and physicians so that these key individuals may make decisions in accordance with your wishes and on behalf of your senior should he or she not be able to communicate those wishes at a critical time.

☑ Medical Power of Attorney
☑ Advance Health Care Directive
☑ Living Will or Will
☑ Power of Attorney